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McDonalds Poor Quality Service, matutuwa ka ba pag PINALAYAS KA NG GUARD SA MCDO?

Me and my friends are looking for a place to discuss our school stuffs and eat since we are hungry from school works, we decided to have it at one of McDonalds branch in Imus near LTO, we look for a table and luckily we are able to find enough space for us, we sat there and start to discuss some of our school matters so we can eat after when we are about to finish discussing, the security guard approached us and says “umalis na kayo di naman kayo nakain eh”(get out of this store because you are not eating) after i hear that i ask the guard just clear what i’ve heard “PINAPALAYAS MO BA KAMI?”(you’re asking me to get out of here?) and he replied “OO!”(yes!) with a rude attitude and sarcastic tone, I ask him for a second time “you want us to leave?” And he said “yes! Because you are not eating!” I ask him redundantly the same question hoping he will withdraw his mistakes because i think he didn’t know what he did but he stand straight with a strong face saying sarcastically “get out of here!” So i think i need a help of the store manager because i cant control my emotion anymore and I’m already shaking, “where is your Manager” i ask him and he said “there” tattering and looking scared because i started to involve his manager, “where, call your manager, i want to talk with your manager” i replied but surprisingly he toned down his voice and replied “why would i call the manager?” And he walk a distance from us but he didn’t call the manager so i stand up and approached the counter and ask the cashiers with my shaking loud voice “where is your manager, i want to talk to your manager” and a boy come over with a decent tone “whats the problem sir?” He ask me, “is this mcdonalds all about? Impolite crews/staffs?” I replied “your security guard approached us with a rude attitude and sarcastic tone of voice asking me and friends to get out of here, is it the standard customer service you are implementing here?”, the manager get out of the counter and come to me to asses my complaint and after he heard what happened he is very sorry and disappointed telling me that he will talk to the security guard for the matter but i said “no!!!!! I want an apology from your security guard” i replied but after we ate our food we leave the store but theres no security guard who ask for an apology.

You can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you need a confidence to really rock the world. #fashion #swag #style #stylish #TagsForLikes #me #swagger #cute #photooftheday #jacket #hair #pants #shirt #instagood #handsome #cool #polo #swagg #guy #boy #boys #man #model #tshirt #shoes #sneakers #styles #jeans #fresh #dope


20130627-100729.jpg Mixing and matching will sometimes go wrong specially in color combinations and details but if you are in doubt you can go DARK, going dark doesn’t mean all black, you can use any color with a darker shades that’s easy to match&mix and yet you can get the most out of it.


20130627-102215.jpg sleeveless double breasted zip blazer from MARKUS gives the most drama of this look and it gives so much elegance with two toned long-sleeves varsity shirt underneath, from grab.a.tee i got from Robinson’s Dept. Store .

20130627-104727.jpg black chinos from bench/ and high cut shoes that has a mossy look (i don’t know the term, lol) from MILANOS i got from SM DEPT. STORE.

PHOTOS BY:Ericka Lorenzo

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DARE TO GO DARK. #fashion #swag #style #stylish #TagsForLikes #me #swagger #cute #photooftheday #jacket #hair #pants #shirt #instagood #handsome #cool #polo #swagg #guy #boy #boys #man #model #tshirt #shoes #sneakers #styles #jeans #fresh #dope


20130622-230514.jpg I want to launch this blog with this OOTD i always make sure my outfit will be good and comfy as well, i don’t want to get less out of me but i don’t want to get too loud as well.

20130622-233430.jpg I got this cool jacket from MINT PH
last summer for an event, but since it’s hot to wear i don’t have a chance to wear it until rainy season.

20130622-234131.jpg Since i want to look OA wearing blue i accompanied the jacket with this folded&hung zippered neck shirt so when i feel hot and like to take off the jacket it will still get the blue hater look.

This blue faded pants from MARKUS and blue kicks from OFFSHORE added drama to the look and says BLUE FROM TOP TO TOE, Available to all SM DEPT. STORES.

Photos by Ericka Lorenzo

Instgram, Wechat, Line 👉mintotz

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